You name it
We do it

  • Intracity
  • Intercity
  • Warehousing


Hyperlocal presence across cities including all major metros through a fleet of 10k+ active riders

Deliveries per day

  • FM - Supplier to WH
  • LM - Hub to customer (SFX), SDD, NDD, Best CPT adherence & 1st time attempt metrics
  • Reverse Pick up

  • Offer point to point hyperlocal deliveries with SLA of 30 minutes to 2hrs
  • Best in class customer metric - 99.5% total orders fulfilled, 98% orders fulfilled within predicted SLA
  • Use Cases:
  • Food
  • Grocery
  • Pharma
  • Gifting
  • Genie (Anything and everything)

  • Fulfilment Centres
  • Mid Mile
  • Cross-dock
  • Last Mile retail delivery

  • Offer Same Day deliveries and Next Day deliveries with best SLAs
  • Help reduce RTO% to <3%
  • Offer flexible pick up timings directly from WHs and Retail stores
  • Integration with Unicommerce, Vinculum for faster onboarding

  • PTL + FTL
  • Focus on PTL

  • Very strong presence in East and North East

  • Return to Origin from any corner of the country to the regional WH


Active linehaul clients

Trips per month


sq feet

Spread over cities

  • End to end mother hub operations
  • Multi level sorting available

  • FM processing centre
  • On demand variable capacity warehousing
  • Contract logistics for businesses